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Group Healthcare Program


Whether you manage a business, an association, or a team of any sort, the increasing cost of healthcare is straining your relationship with your most vital asset…

… your employees or members.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was promoted as a solution to the skyrocketing cost.  So far it has only led to confusion and disruption.  Insurance premiums and deductibles continue to climb.

Organizations, both large and small are responding by transitioning to higher deductible health plans combined with Health Savings Accounts or Health Reimbursement Accounts.  But is that enough?

Are you simply passing the financial burden onto you most important asset?

Are you helping them navigate the confusing maze of our dysfunctional healthcare system?  

There is a better and more affordable path.

Join the Patient Advocate Partners of America today.  


Our Services

1) Consultation

Unfortunately solving your organization’s healthcare cost problems doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all shiny new package. You won’t be able to purchase an enterprise-wide software application that will manage and contain your healthcare budget overruns.

To make a significant impact on your healthcare expenditures, you must engage every member within your organization.  Messaging along with the right incentives in the right places must be crafted from the outset.     

Patient Advocate Partners of America has the knowledge and experience in creating customized programs to actively promote, educate, and facilitate the cultural change within your organization.  The necessary change to bring down the high cost of healthcare.

To inquire about our Healthcare Consultation Service, please send an email to info@patientadvocatepa.com.


2) Healthcare Access Benefit Program

  • Telemedicine Unlimited Free Consultations
  • 24/7 Nurse Line Free Unlimited Consultations
  • End-to-End Care Coordination
  • Dental Care (Avg Savings 15% to 50%)
  • Prescriptions (Avg Savings 10% to 85% on generic & brand)
  • Lab Testing
  • Imaging Studies (Savings Over $750)
  • Vision (Avg up to 60% Savings)
  • Hearing (Free Exam & up to 60% off hearing aids)
  • In Person Doctor Visits (Guarantees at least 20% savings)
  • Medical Bill Advocacy (Avg Savings $3,000)
  • Diabetic Supplies (Retail packages available up to 60% off)
  • Patient Advocate Partner Concierge
  • MedRetreat (Foreign & Domestic Hospitals 60% to 80% Savings)
  • Reports, eBooks, Webinars, Podcasts, Dr. Jackson

With higher insurance deductibles, your members could benefit greatly from a comprehensive and robust access healthcare discount benefit plan.  Patient Advocate Partners of America has you covered.  Our  proprietary  and very affordable benefit discount plan is like no other.  

Our access card comes with anytime MD smartphone tele-consults, plus deep discounts on prescription drugs, imaging studies (X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans),  blood work, doctor visits, dental, vision, hospital bill advocacy, diabetic supplies, and even chiropractic and acupuncture service.

But our benefits don’t end there.  Our plan comes with a medical tourism option, both domestic and international.  That’s 60% to 80% additional savings on surgical procedures ranging from, hip and knee replacement, spinal fusions, disc replacements, heart bypass procedures, hysterectomies, hernia repairs, to all forms of cosmetic dentistry.  

Essentially, if one of your members requires an elective surgical procedure and is quoted above $6,000 at his or her local community hospital, we can safely guide and facilitate their travel to one of our global affiliate network of advanced and internationally accredited healthcare facilities.   

To inquire about our Healthcare Access Benefits, please send an email to info@patientadvocatepa.com.


3) Patient Advocate Partners Web Portal Access

The Patient Advocate Partners Web Portal is the perfect companion with the Discount Healthcare Access Benefits program.  Our web portal contains the pathway maps to affordable healthcare options.  Think of it as a powerful amplification to your Healthcare Benefits Program.  

Simple and clear instructions for obtaining huge savings in our healthcare system.  Just a small sample of benefits include:

  • Key negotiation tactics for lowering hospital bill by 40% or more.
  • New method for obtaining blood work without your doctor and save $300
  • How to use the “eBay of medical procedures.”
  • How to drop your expensive health insurance and get a more affordable health plan.
  • How to obtain an MRI for $290 or CT for $190 in you local community.


4) Webinars, eBooks, Reports


Our affordable healthcare services are not static in nature.  The transformation of our national healthcare system is highly turbulent, confusing, chaotic, and disruptive.  Understanding the changes and finding opportunities within these shifts requires diligent observation and research.  

Alternative health improvement approaches that produce maximum results at the lowest cost is a worthy financial goal of your organization.

Our research team will continually strive to provide dynamic, relevant, and fresh data for you and your members through the publication of eBooks, Reports, and monthly Webinars.