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If you are seeking a truly comprehensive, one-of-a-kind, and affordable healthcare program, you are in the right place.


Waiting for our political leaders to fix our broken healthcare system is not advisable.  All the promises have been broken and your healthcare dollars are stretched thinner and thinner.


Insurance cost in terms of premiums and deductibles continue to skyrocket with no end in sight.


A small accident can easily set you back thousands of dollars.  Are you financially prepared?


Our comprehensive, one-of-a-kind, healthcare program is hands-down the best and most affordable plan in the U.S.


Simply follow the steps below…

Step 1  Consider Enrolling in Liberty Healthshare (Freedom from Insurance)


How would you like to experience freedom from insurance and enroll in a community that shares medical expenses, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars per month? 


What if such a sharing program asked that you share as low as $157 for you or $395 for your entire family?


What if such a sharing program included these amazing benefits…

  • You can see any doctor YOU want!  No network restrictions.
  • You don’t need a referral to see a specialist.
  • X-Rays, lab work, home health care, maternity care, physical therapy, and limited chiropractic and acupuncture service are considered eligible expenses. (Subject to the sharing guidelines)
  • Reimbursement terms to healthcare providers are higher than Medicare, so most healthcare providers gladly welcome this program.


And finally what if such a healthcare sharing plan was 100% exempt from Obamacare, meaning no individual IRS fines or penalties?


Sound too good to be true?


It’s not!  It’s Liberty HealthShare. Liberty… freedom from health insurance.


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Choose Liberty! 



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Step 2  Enroll In Our Patient Advocate Partners Healthcare Savings Plan


Whether you decide to enroll in Liberty HealthShare (above), or not, you will likely save hundreds of dollars annually with our Patient Advocate savings plan.


This is not insurance.  It’s simply a healthcare savings card.


But, It’s our exclusive, one-of-a-kind card with HUGE discounts.


Whether you have insurance or not, your savings card is the perfect stand-alone or companion program.


Higher insurance deductibles means that you will be paying more out-of-pocket fees for your healthcare.


That’s why our savings card will provide you and your loved ones with immediate access at very affordable rates.


Your Patient Advocate Partners card includes…


Unlimited FREE TeleConsults with MD


Unlimited access to speak with a Nurse FREE – 24/7


Doctor Visits – (Guarantees at last 20% Savings)


Surgical Center Visits – (Savings up to 60%)


Lab Testing – (Savings up to $300)


Imaging Studies – (Potential Savings of $750, or more)


Dental Treatment (Avg. Savings: 15% to 50%)


Medical Bill Advocacy – (Avg. Savings of $3,000)


Prescriptions – Mail order & local pick up (Avg. Savings: 10%- 85%)


Vision – exams & glasses (Avg. up to 60% Savings)


Diabetic Supplies – (Retail Packages 60% Off)


Hearing – (FREE Exam and Up to 60% Off Aids)


Exclusive Benefit: Patient Advocate Partners – Pathways To Affordable Care (see below)


Exclusive Benefit: Medical Tourism – Domestic & International (60% to 80% savings) (see below)




Start Saving Today!


Exclusive Benefit: Patient Advocate Partners

Your healthcare savings card comes with our Patient Advocate Partners roadmap to BIG savings!


No other healthcare discount plan offers this benefit.


With over 10 years of research our Patient Advocates have identified all the little-known pathways to truly affordable medical treatment.  


A small sampling of this benefit…  


  • 9 secret hospitals that will save you up to 60% on surgical procedures.
  • A little-known hospital where you can save up to 80% on surgical procedures.
  • How to find the price of any medical procedure in under 1 hour.
  • How to save $500 on your next blood test, plus get the results back the next day.
  • Secret hacks to negotiate up to 60% reduction on your next hospital bill.
  • What you MUST know about your local hospital before you have to visit.
  • How to get VIP treatment from your doctor, while paying less.
  • How to get an MRI for $290 for a CT Scan for $190.
  • Three magic words that will save you over 30% on your next medical bill.
  • How to decrease your wait time in your local E.R. by 80%.

Exclusive Benefit: Medical Tourism – Domestic & International

Your healthcare savings card also comes with our exclusive Medical Tourism program.


We guarantee you won’t find this benefit on any other discount program.


You save 60% – 80% on surgical procedures by traveling outside of your local community. 


For what ever reason, you can safely travel to one of our state-of-the-art affiliate hospitals, both domestic and international.


Common procedures include…

  • hip & knee replacements
  • spinal fusions & total disc replacements
  • coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
  • hysterectomies
  • hernia repairs
  • dental implants, crowns, bridges, & veneers 

…and many more. Just ask.

Composite image of portrait of female nurse holding out open palm


If it can be planned in advance, you can travel and save 60% – 80%…

…even after factoring in airfare and hotel expenses.  


If a doctor tells you it’s not safe to travel for surgery, consider world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.


They treat hundreds of patients from all corners of the globe on a daily basis… for the past 60 years.


Knowledge is the key to success in medical tourism. 


Our medical tourism option is administered by MedRetreat, LLC, the first US-based medical tourism facilitation agency.


They have successfully facilitated thousands of North American patients for over a decade.

You are now faced with 2 simple choices…

“… a fork in the road.”

Right or left? A fork in the road in a forest


You can stay on your current healthcare plan with…

  • ever crushing insurance cost. 
  • shrinking and changing doctor networks.
  • extensive waiting times to see a real doctor.
  • unexpected and confusing medical bills. 
  • stressful arguments with faceless insurance reps.  
  • treatment plans guided by bureaucrats in D.C.
  • splitting pills and delaying treatment.


… or you can simply choose a different path


  • total healthcare freedom, choice, and control.  


  • a program as low as $157 for you or $395 for your entire family.


  • zero restrictive provider networks.  See any doctor YOU want!


  • FREE, unlimited TeleConsults with a real doctor – 7 days a week.


  • healthcare savings card with deep discounts on medication, image studies, lab work, dental treatment, vision care, doctor visits, and even diabetes supplies.


  • little-known strategies, tactics, and hacks for HUGE savings!


  • up to 80% savings on surgery outside of your local community.


  • VIP treatment from you care providers at one-sixth the cost.

Start Saving Today!

The Obamacare Alternative 


2 Simple Steps


1) Enroll in Liberty Healthshare – Freedom From Insurance

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2) Enroll in Patient Advocate Partners Healthcare Savings Plan (Card)

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Toll Free:  (888)-325-4101