It was News Years Eve, 2002.  I was so sick I thought I was going to die. Visiting Bangkok with my family for Christmas I somehow drank tap water like a fool. Within minutes I knew something was horribly wrong. Vomiting to the point of dehydration, my family insisted that I go to the emergency room. Unable to put up a good argument , I found myself headed straight for Bumrungrad Hospital in the heart of Bangkok at 11:00 pm on New Years Eve. Panic was setting in.  Hospital ER… mega city… New Years Eve! The mental picture that was growing in my mind was not healthy.  Lots of blood!  Loud cries and moans!

Waiting for hours on cold, hard, concrete floor. So here I am in Bangkok, in serious pain and headed for a torture chamber. As we pull up to the front door, I thought our driver was lost.  The building looked like a 5-star resort… certainly not a hospital. But sure enough an attendant opened my door and helped me into a wheelchair and rolled me into a spacious lobby. It was a hospital, but it didn’t look like any hospital that I had seen in the States. Large palm trees, beautiful, modern, comfortable seats in the waiting area.  There was even a Starbucks.  Wow! The wait?  Five minutes!  Again, at 11:00 on New Years Eve. A handsome and distinguished looking doctor strolled over to my seat with a warm smile. After a few brief questions, I was wheeled to a private room where I was given an IV to replenish my fluids. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the room looked like a VIP suite. I sat on a soft, white sectional sofa watching the Discover Channel on a flat plasma TV monitor hanging on the wall. Four hours later the doctor came back, prescribed medication for nausea, and discharged me. I was feeling a thousand times better.  The service was out of this world.

But what happened next shocked me to the core. As I was checking out, I saw the receipt… 480 Thai Baht. The exchange rate at that time was US $16. I couldn’t stop thanking about this amazing price for the rest of my time in Thailand.

On the flight home I told my wife that I was quitting my job as a consultant and starting my own business. Thus MedRetreat was born in early 2003.  The first US-based medical tourism facilitation agency.  My mission was to promote, educate, and facilitate surgical procedures in foreign hospitals where the cost 50% to 80% less than U.S. Hospitals. Over the past twelve years thousands of uninsured patients connected to our global affiliate network to have their surgical procedures done for a mere fraction of the cost of here in the U.S.  Procedures ranging from hip/knee replacements, heart by-pass, spinal fusions, total disc replacements, hysterectomies to dental implants and crowns.

But today we are upgrading to MedRetreat Version 2.0.  It’s called the Patient Advocate Partners of America. The reason?  The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare has created mass chaos and disruption or our national healthcare system. You were promised that you could keep your doctors and health plans.  You were also promised that you would save money in the process. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened.  Obamacare is more expensive. That’s were we come in.  Our members knows more affordable ways.  

Wishing you a happy & healthy day!