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Jud Anglin

Managing Director, Individual Program

Jud is passionate about helping others by simplifying complicated problems.

Growing up in a small town in Kentucky he developed an insatiable curiosity about world cultures, traditions, and international relations. Following a stint in Germany as an exchange student, Jud pursued a B.A. in International Relations and MBA form George Washington University in D.C.

While working as a business consultant in 2002, Jud discovered his life calling in a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Suffering from severe food poisoning, he headed to nearest hospital. The ultra modern hospital looked more like a 5-star resort. The total VIP treatment was shocking. Four hours later, IV pump and all, the total bill was $16 US dollars. Two weeks later, Jud resigned from his consulting job to launch MedRetreat, LLC, the first US-based medical tourism facilitation agency to promote and facilitate affordable surgery for the uninsured.

As the founder of MedRetreat, LLC in 2003, he pioneered a new industry in the U.S. referred to as medical tourism. Over the past 12 years, Jud has promoted and facilitated thousands of affordable surgical procedures at advanced hospitals in foreign countries. As a medical tourism industry expert, he has been featured on dozens of television programs, including 20/20, ABC News, CBS News, and FOX News.

In 2012, Jud joined the Laissez Faire Club, a division of Agora, Inc. to report on affordable and alternative healthcare solutions.

Frustrated by the skyrocketing cost of healthcare to average Americans since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, Jud launched the Patient Advocate Partners of America to promote, educate, and facilitate affordable and alternative solutions.

Jud currently resides in Baltimore, MD with his wife and two sons. He enjoys being a soccer dad in his spare time.

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