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Welcome to Patient Advocate Partners Community…

solving healthcare together!



Our mission is simple.


“We the people” are tearing down the walls between patients and healthcare providers and providing better and more affordable options.


For far too long, large corporate entities and government bureaucracies have erected big barriers between patients and their healthcare providers. 


These barriers continue to increase the cost for hard working families with no end in sight.


Recently the USA Today reported that the…

“skyrocketing insurance deductibles are “crippling the middle class.  Patients are now delaying treatment, skipping doctor appointments, and even splitting pills, to avoid the high cost.”


Fortunately, many healthcare providers are waking up from the nightmare and taking action.


Thousands of doctors across the nation are turning away from the corporate and government barriers and turning to direct primary care instead.  That simply means that they aren’t accepting insurance… cash pay only.


This model is so much better.  

… The doctor gets to spend more time treating patients,

… the patient gets more time and attention from their doctors,

… all at an affordable price!


Many other innovative and affordable healthcare solutions are springing up access the nation every day.  


Our goal is the promote and facilitate these solutions to our patient community.


If you have an affordable healthcare solution and would like to share your service with our community we gladly welcome your membership.


To learn more, please contact us at